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From the comfort of your home and at any time of the day, you can place and complete your orders.

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User Friendly

Our platform provides flexibility with ease of usage. It only takes just a number of clicks for all activities.


Every activity done on this platform is carried out in a secure environment. The information you provide are kept confidential.


Most of our exchange services are fully integrated. Orders are completed in the shortest possible time. No matter your demand we can meet up.

Customer Support

Whatever your needs are at any time of the day. Our customer suport team is at stand-by just in case you require any assistance.

How to Place Orders

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Sign up to open an account. You only require your first name, last name, an email ID, your phone number, your country of residence and a password to register

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Once you have an account, sign in to fill and submit an order form for your preferred order. You will be prompted to preview your order

Completed Order

Completed your order by making all neccessary payments or transfers. Once, we confirm your payments and transfers, we will complete your order